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Not everyone is lucky enough to get a second chance even over simple issues. Kevin Jordan, a freshman outfielder at Wake Forest, was lucky enough to be given a second chance to take a stab at leading a reasonably healthy and normal life by his coach Tom Walter. All of a sudden last February Kevin Jordan developed ANCA vasculitis. This boy who had never been sick could hardly walk let alone run. Neither the doctors in his hometown nor his parents had any idea what was causing the boy to waste away.

His symptoms were deceptive for they resembled flu and he progressively lost weight and became very weak. His illness was not diagnosed correctly till he was taken to Atlanta by his parents. His medical condition was caused by an autoimmune swelling disorder which meant that every night he had to be put on dialysis. The abnormal antibodies penetrated his kidneys. For baseball bats click here where you can find a lot of cheap baseball products. This caused protein and blood to leak into his urine leading his kidneys to eventually shut shop. For this young 19 year old survival depended on expensive medical procedure. Kidney transplant is an option that is easier spoken of than executed.

Jordan needed a live donor and fast to keep alive his chances of playing baseball again and reaching any of the major leagues. Matches could not be found within the family and his only hope was outside which meant that he might have had to wait for as long as three to four years. He had since graduated from high school and joined Wake Forest. He would gamely try to play if he felt well enough. Just batting practice and shagging flies was enough to strain his failing strength. Around this time his coach Tom Walter, a gentleman with a stupendous sense of social responsibility, came to know of his condition and offered to be tested for compatibility.

There were other issues like having two small children and compliance issues like ensuring that there were no violations of the extra benefits rule to be addressed. Once Walter’s mind was set, it just took confirmation of compatibility to ensure that he gave a part of his body to get his student back on his feet and off the machine. If God willing Jordan’s body does not reject the new kidney, then he should have recovered well enough to start practicing in a few months’ time. As for Walter, he expects to be at LSU for the opening match of the season!