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When it comes to losing a big opportunity MLB has all the bases covered. It doesn’t take a mental giant to see that the once favorite sport of the masses has been reduced to a dwindling crowd of older people. In a time when the NFL and the NBA are going global, MLB is still stuck in the third world countries of Cuba and Venezuela. Sure, they have taken their product global but they are doing it poorly. I guess then it should come as no surprise that while the MLB bosses are tanking everyday so are the clubs. There are tremendous clubs in baseball that have done a great deal of work to be good. Some of the most recognizable names in baseball are the Braves, Cubs, and the Yankees. The Yankees have not won a title in almost 10 years. The Cubs have not one a title in over a hundred years. The Braves on the other hand have continued to sparkle from time to time only to learn that they are not real gold but rather fool’s gold.

MLB baseball is a dying brand and it can only be rescued when the bosses are willing to do something different. As the numbers for games keep dropping and the brands keep tanking, the bosses are still raking in millions or billions of dollars. The influx of new money is enough to make people like Craig Calcaterra say that MLB baseball is fine. But we all know the real truth. MLB baseball is about a good old boys network. It is about the money for the bosses and nothing else. Just like Ted turner ran WCW into the ground while he siphoned off the billions of dollars, so too will the MLB baseball bosses. They are killing the game.