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Winter is almost over and I can’t wait for spring to show up so that baseball season can begin! Ever since I was a kid I remember being so excited in anticipation of baseball games to start. I suppose my love of the game started with my dad. He was a huge baseball fan and during the season would always have one game or another on the television. Even if there were no Major League Baseball games on, he would find a college or other kind of baseball game to watch.

When I was a kid I really like watching the pros, but since we didn’t live near any Major League teams, I really liked to go to and watch the minor league games. Thankfully the team that played in my hometown was pretty good and many people enjoyed watching them. My father loved to take me and my brothers to games all of the time. I think my mom really enjoyed it too, because it meant she finally had some time to herself.

Now, as an adult, I still enjoy going to minor league games when I can. Fortunately, I found a great job in the big city where my favorite major league team plays. I haven’t been able to get season tickets quite yet, but I am working on it and have been to quite a few games and have loved going to each one. My goal now is to get my dad to come and visit and go to a game with me and my son. It would be so great to have three generations of baseball lovers enjoy a Major League game together.