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I am a huge fan of MLB. I always look forward to the start of the season so this is my favorite time of year. The baseball year is well underway and the intrigue is all around. Last year we saw a few teams that made huge strides by making the playoffs. The Atlanta Braves were by far the surprise team of the year. Sure they had a great pitching staff but the bats were not very strong. Despite the struggles of Dan Uggla and BJ Upton, the club was able to make it through the regular season and win the National League East crown. So what does this tell us about this year’s squad? Absolutely nothing.

Baseball is notorious for parity. One year a team can win it all and the next year they can fall apart and find themselves in rebuilding mode. The Braves have a solid team but they have lost a ton of talent in the rotation. Kris Medlin alone is the biggest loss the team has sustained. Apart from this you have to understand that Uggla and Upton are still struggling. They are lost causes in my estimation.

So what will the year look like? I propose that the Miami Marlins are going to be the surprise winner of the NL East crown this year. I also think the Yankees are destined to reclaim their grip on the AL East. Apart from this I have no clue. The Dodgers are a crapshoot and the Giants are always solid. I would say that the World Series is going to be between the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Brewers. I know that sounds odd but this is the series that I am going with.