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For many years there has been a controversy of whether or not steroids can help out a baseball player’s game or not. Steroids CAN increase ones stamina and create more muscle mass in a person and give an increase in performance, but there are several cons to taking them.

Steroids are hard on the body. You can have all sorts of side effects from taking them such as acne, excessive hair growth. These side effects are small however and may not deter many from taking steroids. Once you hear that steroids can cause liver damage and even cancer, you may think twice about taking them.

If you are interested in improving your baseball game, then the best thing you can do is practice. As we have all heard and learned in our lives, practice makes perfect. Practicing your game each and every day is a much better way of improving it than taking steroids is. Besides, it is the best way to play fair as well. You want to win the baseball game because you are the best player, not because you are taking a drug that helps you be that way.

Steroids may seem to be a good thing to start with, but in the long run your body will feel the ill effects from them. There are reports of baseball players over the years using steroids to help their game but there are no records of any game or season being won by the use of steroids. It is best then if you want to be an honest and healthy person that you stay away from steroids. Let’s keep the all American game of baseball good and free from steroids.