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Last night was a marquee night in the world of baseball. In case you have not heard, the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers have completed a trade for Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler. On the surface this is a huge, blockbuster trade that could possibly have ramifications all over the baseball world. However lets take a few moments and dissect this trade and see what we can learn from this major news. First, the Tigers have been called the major winners in this trade. The reasoning is very simple. The Tigers were on the hook for 167 million dollars with the remaining 9 years on Prince Fielders contract. The contract was awarded 2 years ago. Kinsler, on the other hand, has a remaining 60+ million on his contract. On the surface the Tigers have won financially simply because they have removed 100 million dollars from their books.

However, lets take a moment and explore the deeper meanings and implications of this trade. The Tigers are in a position that they need the extra cash. They are literally up against the wall when it comes to the money they have available. The biggest issue facing the Tigers is keeping their starting rotation together. Max Sherzer is due a huge payday and the Tigers wanted to keep him. This trade helps keep the starting pitching in tact. On the other side, the Rangers desperately needed a big bat. They lost Josh Hamilton a few years ago and they are in major need of production and home run power. The trade looks like a huge coup de tat for the Rangers, in my opinion. Sure, Fielder will strike out a lot, but Fielder is durable. He will not miss games. That makes him invaluable.