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I have only been to see the Atlanta Braves play one time and I totally enjoyed it. I am going to give you a few pointers and tips for the next time you go to see a game. Bring a soft cooler to carry your own snacks and drinks in. If you have a lot of kiddos you are going to want to save as much money as you can by bringing your own snacks and drinks to keep them occupied. If you try to take a hard cooler into the game you will be told that you cannot do so, that is why I am telling you to take a soft cooler inside with you. The drinks and snacks at these games can be outrageous so do yourself a favor and save your money by bringing your own with you.

Another tip I will tell you is to always look on Stubhub before purchasing your tickets. I can be much cheaper to purchase your tickets through Stubhub than it can be to purchase them from the box office. If you are willing to go see a game during the middle of the week you can sometimes find seats as cheap as $20 each. I know that for my family going during the week would be the best option because we don’t have a lot of extra money to do fun things with.

If you don’t want to be in the direct Atlanta heat then you need to remember to sit down the third baseline. Atlanta can get really hot during baseball season and if you or a family member typically get burned keep this in mind.